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E-Invoicing System


An electronic invoice (e-invoice) is an invoice that is issued, transmitted, received, processed and stored electronically using specific document formats. E-invoices are digital throughout the entire document life cycle, from issuance to archiving. E-invoicing solutions can help replace manual tasks with automated business rules and actions to increase efficiency, minimise error handling, and help businesses comply with e-invoicing legislation.

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA), formally known as the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT), recently announced that e-invoicing will become mandatory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starting 4 December 2021. This means that suppliers will no longer be allowed to generate or store paper or PDF invoices.
Additional details regarding the integration with ZATCA are yet to be clarified and published in their final version. It is never too early for businesses of all sizes to prepare for this change.

Scan your E-invoice QR code with Monsters QR Scanner. Dedicated to read the encrypted QR code according to the standards of the Zakat and Income Authority in Saudi Arabia and to show the readable invoice data.

Solution Overview:

The main objective of the solution is to help Clients fulfil the requirements of E-invoice requirements such as ZATCA and generated all requirements directly from the system.

Monsters E-Invoicing platform provides secure web based services enables businesses of all sizes to connect and integrate smoothly with the service, and provide robust and stable services to all clients.

System Objectives:

Secure integration between Monsters E-invoicing and Client system.

Generation of electronic invoices (multiple formats PDF, XML ... etc.) with QR code.

Ability to identify and verify the invoice using a unique identifier on the internet.

E-invoices storage and archive as per VAT regulations.

Fulfil TAX departments’ requirements such as ZATCA requirements.

Integration with TAX departments’ platform, such as ZATCA platform when it is ready.

Delivery approach:

Client should grant remote access to Monsters team to install and configure the integration component of the E-Invoicing solution on Client servers, or follow the instructions of installation of components integration.

Only QR integration:

In case a client only requires QR integration, without the need for complete E-Invoice solution, Monsters services also provide this level of integration.

Using Monsters client software, we can link and external database to our web-services, which will handle the QR generation process automatically, and deliver the QR image inside the database.

Monsters ERP system:

For clients whom do not have any existing application or system, we can provide them with access to our ERP web-based solution.

They can choose any component according to their business needs. Our solution is a scaler solution, where can provide clients with exact needs of their business. Starting with only one user access and E-invoice system as a standalone system to full ERP integrated solution.

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