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Human Resource Management System


An HRMS, or human resources management system, is a suite of software applications used to manage human resources and related processes throughout the employee lifecycle. An HRMS enables a company to fully understand its workforce while staying compliant with changing tax laws and labor regulations.

Monsters HRMS is a cloud-based human resource management system designed to simplify your company's human resource services, providing tools to improve how your company interacts with its employees. Monsters HRMS includes several components like employee profiles, vacations, attendance, employee promotion and termination system, payroll system, and more.

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Why Use a HRMS?

An HRMS can manage all employee data as well as information on benefits, such as enrollment and status changes.

An HRMS enables employees to update personal data without having to involve HR for simple tasks. This frees up the time of HR professionals for more strategic functions.

Because data is stored in one place, this means reporting can be more efficient. It makes access of compliance records simple. It also means there is a central location for documents such as employee handbooks, procedures and safety guidelines.

Though the recruitment process is usually the task in the HR function that is often automated, it is also the case that the other aspects of the HR work such as routine performance management and payroll can even be automated.

In general, HRM software is used by businesses to combine several necessary HR functions, all of these benefits lead to improved HR function and the ability to act more strategically instead of being bogged down in details.

Screen Shots

Here are a few features of our HRM system:

To win the marketplace you must first win the workplace

Monsters HRM system include a complete directory of employee profiles that can include personal information, job and salary history, banking and tax details, insurance plans, time off requests, disciplinary history, performance feedback or any other custom fields important for the company. This keeps all of your employees’ information linked to the main record, for ease of tracking and reporting. HRIS systems can provide an employee self-service portal, letting them log in and view important information as well as a knowledge base of informative documents.

Through the use of Monsters HRM system, your business can streamline essential HR functionality such as payroll, bonus programs, commissions, and long-term incentive management are included in various modules.

Monsters HRM systems can provide functionality for scheduling shifts and attendance to ensure compliance with staffing needs. These HRM solutions can schedule employees across departments, locations and projects. Furthermore, Monsters HRM system alerts employees when schedules change or staffing levels are inadequate. Monsters HRM system features handle paid time off accrual and use, disability leave, work/sick leave, and other absences.

Monsters HRM systems help in automating the end-to-end promotion process from identifying, nominating, approving, and promoting meritorious employees to updating the job role.

Allow your workforce to take the reigns - both employees and managers, and give HR admins more time to focus on strategic initiatives. Your employees are empowered to book their time off quickly.